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River Club of Mequon Playdium arcade colorful lighting

River Club of Mequon -

Playdium Arcade


Mequon, WI 


River Club of Mequon

Project Type

Hospitality / Arcade


Marty Peck / CLD-E

The River Club of Mequon wanted a cost effective, imaginative solution to create an experience for their member's children. To transform the space, the design utilized stretched fabric abstract shapes lit with color changing lighting. The fixtures on the walls are arranged to mimic the veins of a leaf while lighting bolt and lunar shapes transform the ceiling. The atmosphere of the arcade constantly changes from subtle color fades to energetic thunderstorm effects, sparking the imagination of its gamers. Michelle's role on this project was Lead Lighting Designer with CLD-E and was awarded an IESNA IA Award of Merit.

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