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Tracie Losch about biography

Tracie Losch, LC

Lighting Designer / Principal

Tracie entered into adulthood like so many, not knowing what she wanted to do when she grew up. And like so many she went to college without a plan, hoping she would figure it out along the way. Her love of literature and writing lead her to graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. Upon graduation she was still left with an uncertainty of what career path this English degree was going to afford her.

She continued to wait tables and decided to see the world before entering into the work force. Her and a friend traveled Europe for 6 weeks and this is where Tracie’s love for architecture, design and lighting began. She found that all these elements told a story but in a profound way. After returning from Europe she got a big girl job processing term insurance for stock brokers. After a few years of this, she realized that the little voice inside her head had bigger plans.

Tracie decided to go back to school and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design. Like Michelle, lighting chose Tracie after she took an internship with a Engineering firm. From there she has spent her lighting career working in Architecture, Engineering and Design Build Firms. She also spent some time working for a Lighting Manufacturer’s Agency and a Residential Lighting Showroom.

All her experiences have prepared and led her to this partnership that is Lighting Elements. Tracie’s appreciation for all elements of design and her ability to use light to tell a story, make her a great collaborator in achieving impactful spaces.


Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, 2005

Bachelor of Arts in English, 1999


BSI / IESNA Award of Merit / ASID Gold Award

Waukesha State Bank / IESNA Section Award

GE Healthcare - Imagination Cafe / ASID Gold Award

GS Global Resources / ASID Silver Award

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