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Quality lighting is not about what you

see, it's about how it makes you feel

As lighting designers, we understand the importance of building relationships with our clients because impactful designs are best achieved through collaboration. This approach is important throughout the entire process, from the early conceptual phases with the design team through construction with the contractors.  


As a design fee based firm, we can truly utilize the best luminaries within budget to create cohesive lighting effects for each project. Our approach is similar to an Architect, creating biddable plans and schedules, working on behalf of our clients and their budgets. With a vast knowledge of products, we take pride in educating ourselves and our clients on new technology. Continuing to enhance the built environment while painting the architectural elements with light and shadow utilizing all the trusted tools in our toolbox.

conceptual design markers in jar
  • Conceptual Design

  • Design Development

  • Budgeting

design development architectural lighting
  • Construction Documentation

  • Lighting Specification

  • Control Integration

construction documents collaborate lighting design
  • Lighting Calculations & Renderings

  • Energy & Emergency Compliant Designs

  • Construction Administation

Elements of Design


Dreaming Out Loud

From the initial meeting, we explore the dream out loud ideas through collaborative discussion with our clients. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible to create the extraordinary with the knowledge to bring the concepts into reality. We explore our client's needs and their aspirations for their project. Big or small we bring this same level of imaginative, thoughtful design to every project.


After establishing the big ideas, we conceptually walk through each space of the project. This is where we create a story that carries through the entire project. What do you see and feel as you experience each space? During storytelling, we refine the main ideas through imagery, sketches, and conceptual iterations until there's one cohesive design.


Painting With Light

Once the narrative is created, we develop the design by painting the Architecture with light and shadow. It's this combination that creates compelling, cohesive spaces. Here's where we bring the project out of the idea phase and into reality with biddable construction documents. An estimate for the lighting luminaries is also established so our clients know what to expect from the bidding process.

Collaborative Integration

With backgrounds in Architecture and Interior Design, we create integrated solutions that elegantly blur the line between Lighting and Architecture. It's our partnerships with the project's team members and contractors that ensures the designs are fully realized from concept through construction. 

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