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modern office reception desk lighting with lines of light

Actuarial Firm's Corporate Office


Brookfield, WI

Architect / Interior Designer

Creative Business Interiors

Project Type



©️ Tricia Shay

This International Actuarial & Consulting Firm wanted to create a sophisticated, technologically advanced environment that reflects who they are as a company. The project's goals were to create clean lines, utilize light to reinforce the architecture, and provide way finding throughout the building. Furthermore, integrated lighting solutions were required to fit into specialty ceilings allowing for a clean, open feel. This company's mission is to help their clients protect the health and financial well-being of their people. They understand the importance that lighting plays a role in the working environment but also the environment as a whole. Advanced lighting controls were utilized as direct reflection of that mission. This project was awarded an IES IA Section Award.

modern office work cafe lighting with pattern lines and pendants
modern conference room lighting
modern office lighting with lines of light and linear wall graze
modern work cafe lighting design
modern open office lighting with recessed lines of light
modern conference room lighting design with suspended rectangles
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