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AEM industrial corporate conference office lighitng

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)


Milwaukee, WI

Architect / Interior Designer

Kahler Slater

Project Type


Electrical Contractor

Wire Wright, LLC

This global trade association, who represents many manufacturers within agricultural and utility sectors, wanted to freshen up their corporate headquarters to reflect their dynamic voice while creating an environment that advocates for its membership. The main project goal was to facilitate engagement between employees while increasing light levels throughout the space. This was achieved by removing private offices and providing shared spaces. AEM resides in the historic Allis Chalmers building which proposed lighting challenges with large skylights and vaulted exposed ceilings. Long linear lines of light were installed to provide general illumination to balance the natural light while cylinders were used to define pathways. Custom lights were designed to accentuate AEM's brand and provide a welcoming environment for employees and visitors.

AEM industrial corporate office cafe lighitng
AEM industrial corporate break out area office lighitng
AEM industrial corporate office lighitng
AEM industrial corporate conference office lighitng from above
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