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Waukesha State Bank suspended lighitng

Waukesha State Bank


Waukesha, WI

Architect / Interior Designer


Project Type



Tricia Shay

Waukesha State Bank wanted to create a blended 21st modern aesthetic with the existing 1950's contemporary architecture. The main lighting goal was to balance all the natural light while also capturing the warmth of the exterior Tennessee limestone that is no longer available. Large shapes, varying in size and configuration mimic the limestone and bring a human scale to the space. Since they did not want to replace the existing acoustical ceiling tile, it was important to use direct lighting to not bring attention to the dated ceiling. A once dimly lit space now feels inviting, bright and airy. This project won an IESNA IA Section Award.

Waukesha State Bank conference room lighitng
Waukesha State Bank suspended lighitng
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